Imagine the future

On the occasion of its 20th Anniversary Conference, IMA-Europe launched "Imagine the Future with Industrial Minerals", its Roadmap to 2050. The Conference was a unique opportunity to take a look back at what the sector had achieved during the past 20 years, thereby building the path for the next 35 years. We will never say it too loud or too much, industrial minerals are, literally, essential to our lives. They are also essential to a better, greener future.

The members of IMA-Europe have been demonstrating that industrial minerals are not only essential raw materials, they are also innovative, recyclable, and sustainable.
The latest edition of the IMA-Europe Recognition Awards has rewarded industrial minerals companies for the innovative projects that they carry out, which directly benefit the environment, and society as a whole.

It is with confidence that industrial minerals reveal their vision of the future in “Imagine the Future with Industrial Minerals – 2050 Roadmap”, available on this website. This website also gives its visitors an insight into the content of the 20th Anniversary Conference, during which specific aspects of the sector’s ambitions for the future were thoroughly discussed, notably on Health & Safety and Innovation issues.